Framing Terminology — Words for your frame of mind

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Ever get perplexi’d? Ever “drop-shipped” your kid brother after he pushed your “Flex-points?” Of course not! Sometimes it’s easy to wallow in the language of a new frontier. Listed below are some framing terms you might come across. Never get lost in “industry terms” with this vocabulary in your back pocket.

Acrylic – High quality, totally clear Plexiglass. Shipped as standard on all frames. Plexiglass is the prefered choice for museums and art collectors as there is no risk to damaging the artwork should the glass break.

Artisan Series – A class of mouldings, usually 3 or more inches wide. Click here to see a sample of Artisan Mouldings.

Deluxe Series – A class of mouldings, usually 2 or more inches wide. Click here to see Deluxe Mouldings.

Designer Frame – A frame plus a mat, glazing, foamboard backing & wire kit. Click here to view Designer Frames.

Drop Ship – To deliver goods for a business directly to its customers, so you don’t have to keep stock on hand.

Fillet – A small, narrow strip of moulding that frames the inside edge of a mat. The effect is that of a double framed piece. A fillet raises the elegance and sophistication of the finished piece.

Flex Points – The metal tabs pressed into the inside edges of a frame to hold the backing or foam core on, and the photos or canvases in. Also know as Hard Points.

Float Mount Board – A mat that holds a print with a self adhesive area instead of showing it through an opening. The idea is that the print “floats” on the mat board.

Glazing – The protective layer of picture frame glass or acrylic (plexi-glass) used in framing to provide protection to the prints.

Hard Points – the metal tabs pressed into the inside edges of a frame to hold the backing or foam core on, and the photos or canvases in. Also know as Flex Points.

John Hancock Mat – An oversized mat, typically 4” wide, often utilized for images to be displayed at ceremonies, receptions, and milestone events. Ideal for collecting autographs, doodles, and well wishes of attendees. May have a small window cut into it to display a title, label or names as an option. Also known as a Signature Board.Layout – The configuration of the openings cut into a mat to house prints. Our Layouts come in 4 classes: S, M, L & XL. Also known as Wall Folio Configurations in previous catalogs.

Moulding – The material used to build a frame.  Our mouldings come in 4 classifications: Slimline, Deluxe, Artisan, & Portrait. Click here to view samples of mouldings.

P3 Pricing – Membership is free. Buy 55 frames a year, order a minimum of 3, receive the LOW Ten (10) Lot price on each order. Learn more about P3 pricing, click here.

Portrait Series – A class of mouldings, usually 4 or more inches wide.

Print Assembly– Upload your photos when you order. They are professionally printed and framed so that your prints are assembled into your new frame before they are shipped. You receive a professionally finished frame, ready to hang.

Print To Come – Ship us your prints directly or from your lab. Your prints are assembled into your new frame before they are shipped. You receive a professionally finished frame ready to hang.

Rabbet Depth – The measurement of the inner channel of a frame which holds the picture and additional framing materials including the glass, backing, and mat.

Raphael Mat – This mat upgrade option takes the Tuscan Mat one step further. A second mat separates the wood fillet from the image which enables the look of a floating print. It comes complete with self adhesive floating board to take the mess and hassle out of mounting your image.

Signature Board – See John Hancock Mat.

Slimline Series – A class of mouldings, usually around 1 inch wide. View slim mouldings by clicking here.

Stacked Frame – Frames in Lexington Black, then encased Nouveau Black for added depth and charm. The double frame creates the “stack.”

Tuscan Mat – A unique upgrade option to the Designer Frame, a fillet (a small decorative wood trim) is added to the mat opening creating a striking look that will complement any image.

Wall Collage – A frame that holds a mat with multiple windows. These mats are available as Layout Options to any order. View samples of Wall Collage.

Wall Folio – See Wall Collage.

Wire Kit – A hardware package to allow a frame to be hung on the wall with a wire. There is enough wire included to hang the frame vertically or horizontally.

Shipping & Delivery

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Q:  How long does it take my order to ship?
A:   Orders typically ship out of our factory in 5 – 7 business days. Ground shipping is included in the price of all our frames (we ship from Santa Clarita, CA). If you require your order to ship faster than ground you can pay to upgrade your shipping to 3rd day, 2nd day or Overnight.

Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  Ground shipping is included in all our prices.  Air upgrades are charged by volume (dimensional weight) and are quoted on an order by order, frame by frame basis. (a small handling fee of $6.95 is applied to each shipment)

Q:  How do I pay for my orders?
A:  We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Discover and Amex.

Q:  Do you have a minimum order?
A:   Because all of our prices include shipping we have a $40.00 order minimum. Orders falling below this value will incur a small order surcharge of $7.50.