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Picture This: Watch Your Profits Grow with Custom Frames

It’s no secret that custom framing photographs add to the overall appeal of an art piece, but custom framing can also increase purchase rates and make you money. Your artwork deserves a tasteful frame, and since you are the photographer with the keen eye, you know best. Leaving your photographs frameless is a missed opportunity to ensure your work looks its best.  A photo in a drawer can’t be generating any conversion or referrals about your work.

Snapping an amazing photograph is no easy task. Photographers know that all the elements have to come together to form the perfect shot; elements inside and outside of your control. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your technique, and the culmination of all your hard work is finding the perfect frame to showcase your masterpiece. Developing a photograph is not the last step in the artistic process; the final touch is picking out a frame that will enhance your photograph. “With a frame you have control over your print and you should because it’s your name and your reputation,” says GNP CEO Robin Gross.

“People won’t distinguish your work from the frame; your frame is part of the process.”

Custom framing helps increase profit through visibility as well. Your photographs are your advertisements, and the sooner those ads are up, the quicker you will see a return on investment. If a client buys an unframed photograph from your collection, who knows how long it will take to be displayed. When you hand your client a print, you don’t want it to go into a drawer,” says Gross. “If you hand a customer a photograph in a frame, you know it’s going straight to the wall.”

If you’re apprehensive about upfront costs, as a reseller, don’t worry! GNP Frame prices their frames very aggressively so you can maximize your profit. Another benefit to offering custom framing is that you will be providing your customers with a full service. Custom framing helps photographers make more money, sell a finished product, and helps their clients decide what to do with their pictures.

So give your clients something to brag about, showcase your art work, and provide your customers with a 100% finished product. It’s a win, win.

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