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What is your photography thumbprint?

Giles Duley is a photographer and triple amputee; having lost both legs and his left arm in Afghanistan on a photo shoot.  As he lay semi-conscious after the blast of the bomb, he assessed his situation.  He saw his clothes, his smoldering and detached left arm and could not feel his legs.  The first thought he had was, “Right hand?  Eyes?’ ” — he realized that all of these were intact — ‘I can work,’” (Chivers, 2011).  Talk about a dedicated spirit and strength of character!

Photography, as with any passion or pastime, is as much an art as it is a science.  As such, your work should showcase the heart of your subject or client in a respective manner.  What should also not be overlooked is the importance of your photographic “thumbprint.”  Your thumbprint is unique to you; it is what is within the core of every photograph you create.  It is how your perspective on a given subject is displayed within the photo.  It is essential to your ongoing success as a photographer to remind yourself why you are or would like to pursue this passion.  Be your own coach!  We are often quick to advise and encourage others; why not place perfecting your own passion on the “to-do list”?

With jobs, family and other obligations, it is easy to talk yourself out of pursuing your passions.  Just keep Giles Duley in mind.  Not even a life-changing bomb could keep him from doing what he loves!  Now that you have committed yourself to being a photographer, don’t give up!  By doing this, you will find that your heartfelt intentions come through in your work and your clients will appreciate the thumbprint you have caressed their photographs with.


Chivers, C.J. (2011, July 8). Bomb took 3 limbs, but not photographer’s can-do spirit. The New York Times, A4.

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