Love Your Photos And Do Them Justice

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Love Your Photos And Do Them Justice

You pamper the things you cherish and your photos and memories should be no exception.  Creatively framing your photos and art shows that you have respect for your subject.   Let’s play “pretend” for a moment.  You have just purchased the car of your dreams.  “She” is fast, sleek and everything you have been dreaming up in your mind as being the “perfect car.”  You have worked long and hard; now, after years of driving experience and financial improvement, you have afforded yourself this luxury.

You drive her home extra carefully while en route; even checking your mirrors for cyclists and pedestrians.  Once home, you gently slow to a complete stop and turn off the ignition.  Leaving the windows down, you park your car on the side of the street, a bit too close to the cars on each side and leave your car unlocked.  Without a glance back, you walk calmly inside your home.

You may have just heard a record scratch to silence in the background and if so, you are right on point that the end action in the above scenario does not do your car justice.  That car deserves a garage, security and shelter; every bit as much as your photographs and artwork deserve a secure and perfectly-suited frame.  For instance, if your photo is of nature, you may want to bring out certain colors by selecting a frame that will enhance those specific hues.  Or, perhaps you have a print of a Renaissance painting that would look regal in an intricate gold frame.

In addition to taking the contents into consideration when creating your frame, include the intimate aspects involved, as well: the customer involved, or if it is representing your business, your values, mission statement or personality.  Framing is a creative process; enjoy it and your efforts will be rewarded by being a pleasure to view on walls for years to come.

How has creating the right frame enhanced your photograph or artistic piece?

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