I’m Framing This! Tips for Custom Framing

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“I’m framing this!” We often hear people say this when they are in possession of a fabulous photo, an amazing piece of art, or perhaps an earned diploma.  Many types of things can be framed: poems, articles; even pressed and matted flowers.  What makes something worthy of being framed?  The answer is: anything that your heart and mind would like to honor.

When we choose to frame something, it means that it is worthy of being displayed in an admirable fashion. 

Tips for choosing the most suitable frame:

  • Make sure to do your subject justice by being selective about your frame.  Would your black and white photo be best expressed in a black frame to keep the theme consistent?  Is your multi-colored artwork best represented by choosing a frame that brings out certain hues and shades?  How much more “period” would your medieval print look in an antique gold-finished frame?  Play with all options.
  • Even the most ordinary of photos can be brought to life by housing it in a well-chosen frame.  Photo contests have been won in part, by having a frame that really “speaks” well of the subject matter on display.  Show pride in your work by not forgetting the importance of the perfect frame!
  • Focus not so much on the “cost” of the frame; rather, ask yourself how much are you willing to invest in yourself or your work?  The ideal frame is just as important an element to your finished product as the photo is itself.

Think of the framing aspect of your piece as the part in which you reward yourself for a job well-done!  Selecting the best frame for your piece should be the fun part!  Enjoy your artistic process from start to finish…and from photo to frame.


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