The Tuscan vs. Raphael Mats: What’s the difference?

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These are fantastic ways to pump up the impact your portrait has on a space. Our products can be ordered Frame Only, or as a Designer Frame (frame + double mat.) Those who want more — more detail, more elegance, more PRESENCE — add a Tuscan Mat Upgrade, or a Raphael Mat Upgrade.

Tuscan Mats:
A unique upgr
ade option to the Designer Frame, a fillet (a small decorative wood trim) is added to the mat opening creating a striking look that will complement any image.
•  25 coordinating mat & fillet options
•  Sold as an upgrade to Designer Collection and Wall Folio Frames
•  Simply order Tuscan Mats in lieu of regular mats
•  Rich in color and add an extra touch of class to your images

Raphael Mats:
This mat upgrade option takes the Tuscan Mat one step further. A second mat separates the wood fillet from the image.
•  This additional under-matting enables the look of a floating print.
•  Comes complete with self adhesive floating board to take the mess and hassle out of mounting your image.
•  Tear the edges of your print for that added artistic look

Be sure to specify when ordering your frame if you want the Tuscan or Raphael Upgrade! If you are using an order form, let us know in the “Special Instructions”Field.

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